miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

The School Party

One more year we have celebrated the school party and as we have to organise them next year, we have lived them in a different way, they′ve been more special. 
There have been lots of new things: a choir  that looked like the american ones, prizes for the teacher′s wor and of course, dances and coreographies, as always.

    • During some performances we used a shadow theatre to make them more appealing, it was easy: we just had to put a white shroud and a light behind it.

We′have also helped in organising, so we practise for next year! These celebrations have been fantastic and
we've all enjoy them a lot.

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

My visit to Tejares

        Some months ago I went to Tejares, a neighborhood outcast of Salamanca, with two of my partners and with my teacher of ethics, in order to teach children who have problems in their families.

        There, we went to a place of Tejares's Church and there I met a girl, Sandra.
I helped her with her homework. First we did some exercises of maths and after that, we read a book.
When all the children finished their homework we went to play with the computers.

        Our teacher of ethics, Fernando, told us taht the second hour with the children they do different things. Some days they go to the computers room, other days they dance and other days they cook.

        I think this is a good experience for everyone and it is very rewarding.
 I won't forget that day and this experience in Tejares.

Tejares's Church.

jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011


Saturday evenings the school isn’t closed, at least for Marcha. We meet every weekend together and do different things, such us games, reflections,…if you’re between the fifth year of primary and the second year of bachillerato, you’ll be welcome. We’re divided by ages, so you’ll be with people of your age, and our monitors are university students who are very kind and funny, The youngest guys usually do a lot of dynamic activities and games, but as older you are, you do more reflections, and you speak a lot about themes than worry you at this ages. But not everything is inside the school! We also do few excursions during the year, and there are also summer camps and meetings with people of Marcha of all Castilla y León! If you’re wondering yourself if you should come, don’t have any doubt, ask your teacher and join us as fast as you can!

The oldest, apart from reflections and speaking, also do activities and games! 
The emblem of Marcha is composed by 'Mar' (of Marceliono or María) and 'Cha' (of Champagnat).

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Economical Geography

Last Christmas we did a great exercise on Economical Geography
We went to the market. Half of the class have 500€ and the other one just 5. It was interesting to see how rich students went to buy seafood and poor one went to buy meat and vegetable.
It was a very successful experience. 

martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

January the 31st

In January the 31st all students in our school have stayed together to remember the injustices that there are in the world.
Students of diferents ages have liberated a white dove meaning the peace.

The dove means peace.

A pair of students of each class have painted a poster with important things that everybody should have in the life.